Sublingual Allergy Treatment
August 01, 2017
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Many people afflicted with various allergies obtain relief through allergy injections. However, injections are not ideal for everyone. Infants, allergieschildren or adults who cannot tolerate needles and injections require an alternative treatment option. An excellent alternative to traditional allergy injections is sublingual allergy treatment, also called sublingual immunotherapy treatment. In Maysville, KY, sublingual allergy treatment is available at ENTLC where Dr. Paul Conrad can determine if this treatment option is right for you or your child.

What is Sublingual Allergy Treatment?

Once your doctor has confirmed your particular allergy or allergies, an extract of the allergen(s) is prepared. The extract will be used to help you build up immunity to the allergen(s). To use, a small amount of the extract is placed under the tongue for 30 sec to 1 minutes at a time. The process is repeated daily or sometimes multiple times in a day to develop immunity quickly. This process continues for between three and five years until full immunity from the allergen(s) is achieved. Once full immunity is established, you will no longer need to place the extract under the tongue.

Sublingual allergy treatment in Maysville, KY, can be prescribed for patients of all ages, and is especially ideal for infants and children with allergies who might be afraid of receiving an allergy injection. In addition to being great for infants and children, sublingual allergy treatment is also a good option for patients with mold and food allergies, asthma or chronic sinusitis, as well as those who have multiple allergies. Finally, sublingual allergy treatment tends to cost less than traditional allergy injection treatments.

Sublingual allergy treatments are a practical alternative to traditional allergy injections for patients who are averse to needles. With office locations in Maysville and Flemingsburg, ENTLC is your Ear Nose and Throat practice for allergy treatment in Maysville, KY. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Conrad, call ENTLC at (606) 759-4852.


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