What Types Of Hearing Aids Are Available?
February 02, 2017
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There are times that patients will realize it is time to seek help for their hearing loss or problem. Hearing aids from ENTLC hearing aidsin Flemingsburg and Maysville, KY, may be the answer. With a variety of types to choose from, Dr. Paul Conrad or Dr. Seth Fritz can help determine which will work best for your hearing loss. One visit with an audiologist can help determine your loss and the proper treatment method for your particular situation.

Types of Hearing Aids

Ultimately, the type of hearing aid that will work best for you will depend on the extent of your hearing loss.

Here are some of the most popular hearing aids:

  1. Behind the Ear (BTE): This is the most noticeable type of hearing aid that offers great volumes than any other device.
  2. Completely in the Canal (CIC): This is the most discreet and smallest hearing aid on the market. This is popular as it is inconspicuous. Volume control isn’t available in this type of hearing aid, however.
  3. In the Ear (ITW): These are slightly larger than the CIC type, which gives them volume control and other features. These also have a larger battery life.

What Hearing Aids in Flemingsburg and Maysville Can Do For You

With the help of ENTLC, your hearing loss problem can be resolved. An audiologist can discuss with you the options available and determine a choice that seems best suited for you. Hearing aids can help you hear better and thus feel more connected to those around you. They also can keep your safe. Most importantly, hearing aids can increase your quality of life. To schedule an appointment with a hearing loss professional, call our Maysville, KY, office at (606) 759-4852 or our Flemingsburg, KY, office at (606) 759-4852 today.


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