Which Hearing Aids Are Right for You?
November 06, 2018
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Hearing loss is often a long, drawn-out process that occurs slowly over many years. Since this condition often goes overlooked, many sufferers do not realize they are having hearing trouble at all! Learning the signs and symptoms of hearing loss and understanding your treatment options can help you get the help you need. Learn more about hearing loss and hearing aids by reading below, and if you need treatment, call Dr. Paul Conrad at ENTLC in Maysville, KY.

Do I have hearing loss? 

Hearing loss often begins with subtle symptoms and builds slowly throughout the course of several years. Often, patients do not notice their symptoms until the condition is significantly advanced. If you notice one or more of these signs of hearing loss, you should talk with your doctor about a hearing test:

  • You feel as though those around you are often mumbling or speaking softly
  • You often ask people to repeat themselves or speak louder
  • Your family or friends tell you the TV or radio is loud when you think it is at a normal volume
  • You have extra difficulty hearing in crowded places, like restaurants or events
  • You find yourself concentrating very hard to have a simple conversation

How is hearing loss diagnosed? 

If you think you suffer from hearing loss, your ear, nose, and throat doctor will probably suggest a hearing test to diagnose your condition and its severity. This test plays sounds at different volumes and frequencies in one ear at a time. You will indicate in which ear you hear the sounds and your doctor will measure your hearing loss based on the responses.

Hearing aid options in Maysville, KY

Hearing aids come in a variety of sizes and styles which give you many options to find the best one for you. Some hearing aids fit around the ear while other, smaller styles fit in the ear itself or even within the canal. Whichever style you choose, your hearing aid will take outside sound and send it through a microphone. The sound is amplified and sent through the ear at a higher, easier to hear volume.

For more information on hearing aids or hearing loss, please contact Dr. Paul Conrad at ENTLC in Maysville, KY. Call (606) 759-4852 to schedule your appointment for a hearing test with Dr. Conrad today!


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